How much do you know about the oil sands?

Take our Canada’s oil sands facts quiz to find out.

Did you know that Canada’s oil sands are one of the largest single deposits of oil in the world?

Take our 10-question quiz and find out how good your knowledge of Canada’s oil sands really is:

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Scoring key:

0 to 30%: Back to the drawing board my friend. But have no fear, here’s a super easy-to-read fact book that’ll have you wowing folks with oil sands acumen at your next party or family dinner.
40% to 70%: You’ve got some game. But if you want to learn more, check out some of the Related Articles below.
80% to 100%: Congratulations, you’re an oil (sands) whiz!! May we recommend the following story for our advanced students: Reinventing innovation: the making of COSIA?