Industry in Action

PTAC: Industry Innovation Success Stories

Industry innovation incubator is having an impact supporting oil and natural gas technologies that reduce environmental footprint and costs.

Through its innovation incubation strategy, Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada (PTAC) is having a tangible impact supporting technologies that both reduce environmental footprint and costs for Canada’s oil and natural gas industry. The following three companies worked through PTAC to develop partnerships with industry, enabling each to bring promising technologies to market. Follow the links to a full story for each.

Spartan Controls: Fuel savings for compressor engines

Spartan Controls Spartan Controls developed a patented air-fuel ratio control system for natural gas compressor engines called REMVue. The technology optimizes the air-fuel mixture in older compressor engines, resulting in increased engine performance and reliability, fuel savings of about 15 per cent, and decreased GHG emissions. Read more.

TRIDO Industries: A better solar pump

Russ Graham, TRIDO Trido Industries developed a more reliable actuator for solar pumps used to inject chemicals into the process stream at remote field sites. By enabling mainstream use of solar chemical injection pumps, TRIDO has helped oil and natural gas producers reduce GHG emissions by about 200,000 tonnes a year. Read more.

Cap-Op Energy: Tracking energy efficiency

Cooper Robinson, Cap-Op Energy Cap-Op Energy has developed a cloud-based, automated data management platform that helps oil and natural gas producers track GHG emissions reductions across their operations. The system enables producers to track energy efficiency projects to receive carbon credits while managing operating and compliance costs. Read more.