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Learning about energy in Canada: Take these quizzes

Did you know Canada is the world’s 7th largest consumer of electricity? Learn more about Canada’s energy resources through the CanGeo Energy IQ quizzes.

Canadian Geographic has produced a series of Energy IQ quizzes designed to test your knowledge of Canada’s energy resources. At the same time, the quizzes teach you a few things about energy you probably didn’t know using informative animated videos. For example, did you know:

  • If every oil and gas pipeline in Canada was laid end to end, they would circle the Earth 2.5 times?
  • British Columbia produces 45% of all the coal extracted in Canada?
  • About 60 percent of Canada’s electricity is generated by renewable sources.

Take the quiz.

Energy IQ is an educational program that teaches Canadians about energy, including growing demand, the energy demand, emerging technologies and more. It’s curriculum-based to enable teachers to use in their classrooms; but many of the resources are an excellent way for ordinary Canadians to learn about the impact energy has on our lives.