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Proposed Haisla Nation LNG project starts environmental review

If approved, the proposed floating LNG terminal in Kitimat, B.C., would start operations in 2025.

Haisla-owned company Cedar LNG has submitted documents to the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada for an environmental review of its proposed floating LNG terminal near Kitimat, B.C.

The terminal would process and liquefy approximately 400 million to 500 million cubic feet per day of natural gas into LNG for shipment to markets in Asia. In its filing, Cedar said that the terminal would serve LNG demand growth in Asia and Europe. It expects LNG demand to increase as countries pursue alternatives to diesel and coal to support cleaner electricity generation, heating, and transportation requirements.

Cedar LNG also noted the project will “contribute to economic reconciliation in British Columbia by recognizing and implementing Haisla Nation’s authority over economic development on Haisla Nation-owned lands.”

“Income generated by the project will be invested by Cedar in the Haisla community and will provide jobs and contracting opportunities for Haisla Nation members, members of other local Indigenous groups, and local community members.”

The Impact Assessment Agency is inviting the public and Indigenous groups to comment about the proposed project until October 20, 2019. You can view the project description summary here.