What is the Clean Resources Innovation Network, or CRIN?

CRIN chair Joy Romero describes an innovation collaboration network that will accelerate environmental performance in Canada’s oil and gas industry.

The Clean Resource Innovation Network is an initiative spearheaded by Canada’s oil and natural gas producers to accelerate environmental innovation. Context speaks with CRIN chair Joy Romero about what CRIN is and how it can make a difference in producing a more carbon competitive industry.

Transcript of interview

Hi, I’m Joy Romero, vice-president of technology and innovation at Canadian Natural Resources Limited. I’m also the chair of the Clean Resource Innovation Network more commonly known as CRIN. 

CRIN is a network—we are the glue, the connector of all the incredible innovation bodies across Canada that are working on oil and gas – so, our universities, our provincial research institutions, our government institutions, the research that’s going on inside of our companies, and as well as the finance group within our country that support all of these, and the entrepreneurs that are bringing us technologies to help us solve and reduce our greenhouse gas footprint. 

Clean tech is about reducing our footprint. And we want to connect all of these institutions across Canada that are working on this, plus the entrepreneurs, to ensure that we have the solutions in a short, accelerated time frame to be sure that our oil, which is Canada’s oil, is produced – even though it’s responsible today – even more responsible and more carbon competitive and more cost competitive as we go forward into the future.

In this article, Context speaks with:
  • Joy Romero Vice-President Technology and Innovation, Canadian Natural