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Hibernia offshore project marks 25 years of oil production

Widespread benefits include employment, supply chain purchases, and government revenues.

An assortment of different Canadian bill denominations.
Petroleum in Real Life: Money

You can take it to the bank: polymer currencies last longer, are more sanitary and generate less emissions than their paper counterparts.

A series of above ground pipelines on a sunny day with blue sky in the background.
Burnaby tech firm seeks to revolutionize safety inspections with its flying robots

Partnering with oil and gas firms, Avestec has created technology that’ll make inspections safer and more accurate around the world.

kathairos commercial unit during winter kathairos rollup
Kathairos Solutions invents simple, ingenious solution to eliminate methane emissions from well sites

Calgary startup partners with industry on cleantech that’ll help oil and gas companies meet greenhouse gas reduction targets.

carbonix.lab work carbonix rollup
Indigenous cleantech company’s journey toward solving the challenge of oil sands tailings

Paul Pede and Ontario-based Carbonix are developing cleantech that turns an oil and gas byproduct, petroleum coke, into a material used to treat industrial waste, including oil sands tailings.

montreal refinery aerial shot
Canadian collaboration advances ‘turquoise’ hydrogen solution

Montreal-based cleantech firm KWI Polymers partners with Suncor in developing world-class technology for low-emissions hydrogen from natural gas.

A series of above ground pipelines on a sunny day with blue sky in the background.
The making of CRIN, and a clean energy future for Canadian oil and gas

How a six-year journey to create a new collective of people and organizations matters to industry’s climate and cleantech ambitions.

Hand holding light bulb against nature on green leaf with icons energy sources for renewable, sustainable development.
west coast marine pilot vessel mash (1)
Training is key to Pacific marine pilots’ tanker safety success

Marine pilots on Canada’s West Coast have an exceptional safety record in the world’s largest pilot-mandatory zone for large vessels including oil tankers.

Inter Pipeline Heartland facility construction April 2022
Profile: Mark Plamondon and the Alberta Industrial Heartland Association

Refining, petrochemicals and processing add further value, creating jobs and economic benefits to Canada’s oil and natural gas resources.