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8 reasons to appreciate Canadian oil and gas during the pandemic

As we turn our thoughts to recovery, let’s reflect on what Canadian natural gas and oil has meant during the pandemic, and what it will mean to Canada during the recovery.

Virtual town hall shows support for offshore industry

Video conference event led by Newfoundland Offshore Industry Association attracts more than 800 participants.

Petroleum in Real Life: Plexiglass

This vital petroleum-based product is having a moment – worldwide.

Federal oil and natural gas liquidity aid explained

Federal aid consists of repayable loans and loan guarantees to keep businesses afloat, preserve oil and natural gas jobs.

Petroleum 101: Oil prices fall into negative territory

Unprecedented low oil price is a reflection of supply and demand.

Government of Canada announces aid for oil and natural gas

Support initiatives will protect jobs across the country.

What goes into making an N-95 mask?

Almost everything in this mask is made using oil and natural gas-derived petrochemicals.

Petroleum in Real Life: N-95 masks

This vital piece of personal protective equipment is made possible using petrochemicals derived from oil and natural gas.