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LNG tanker in port at night with the lights on
COMMENTARY: America is now the world’s largest LNG exporter

At one time, 13 LNG facilities were proposed in B.C., and five in and Central and Atlantic Canada. Unfortunately, our extended regulatory timelines and complicated legal system have become roadblocks to international investment.

The Canadian Flag In the Shape of a Circle, Next to the word 'Economy'.
COMMENTARY: Keeping the economy healthy in a pandemic

While some like to pretend the natural gas and oil industry is dying, it remains one of Canada’s largest and most important sectors.

The Canadian Flag, Painted on the Side of a Large Grey Container.
Clearing the air on subsidies

When diesel generators for remote communities count as ‘subsidies,’ it’s worth taking a closer look.

Cold snap? Switch on

Cold weather shows the need for reliable energy sources.

What’s the goal of non-Indigenous groups behind #ShutDownCanada?

Many non-Indigenous protesters appear to be appropriating an Indigenous issue for their own self-serving purposes.

Seeking the Sidney Crosby of GHG-reduction technologies

Developing technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the oil sands takes time, but like developing players for the NHL, perseverance produces results.

LNG Canada: Toward a successful FID

The go-ahead for a major LNG project on Canada’s West Coast is a bold step to put Canada on the global LNG map.

The little company that could

A perspective on industry and Indigenous engagement from Nicole Bourque-Bouchier

Working Warriors: Opportunities for Indigenous workers

How industry and Indigenous communities can work together: A perspective from Jamie Saulnier of Running Deer Resources.