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Map view of Europe on a geographical globe.
COMMENTARY: Europe’s energy crisis set the stage for war in Ukraine

Unfortunately, Canada is in no position to help because of decades of poor energy policy

COMMENTARY: America is now the world’s largest LNG exporter

At one time, 13 LNG facilities were proposed in B.C., and five in and Central and Atlantic Canada. Unfortunately, our extended regulatory timelines and complicated legal system have become roadblocks to international investment.

The Canadian Flag In the Shape of a Circle, Next to the word 'Economy'.
COMMENTARY: Keeping the economy healthy in a pandemic

While some like to pretend the natural gas and oil industry is dying, it remains one of Canada’s largest and most important sectors.

Economic recovery,innovation,emissions intensity,climate action
COMMENTARY: Catching up to Canada’s climate leadership

Canada’s natural gas and oil industry is demonstrating global leadership in environment, social and governance (ESG) performance.

The Canadian Flag, Painted on the Side of a Large Grey Container.
Clearing the air on subsidies

When diesel generators for remote communities count as ‘subsidies,’ it’s worth taking a closer look.

Cold snap? Switch on

Cold weather shows the need for reliable energy sources.

The Canadian Flag In the Shape of a Circle, Next to the word 'Economy'.
Restart Canada’s economic engine with oil and gas

We can get Canadians back to work by leveraging the sector’s leadership in environmental protection and its export potential.

The Canadian Flag Over the Map of the World, With the Shadow of an Oil and Gas Pumpjack on Either Side.
Energy sector provides for Canadians today as it looks to the future

Industry support governments’ measures to protect the health of citizens and flatten the curve in the spread of COVID-19.

What’s the goal of non-Indigenous groups behind #ShutDownCanada?

Many non-Indigenous protesters appear to be appropriating an Indigenous issue for their own self-serving purposes.