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Did You Know?

Energy poverty is a worldwide challenge, including here in Canada.

Celebrating Indigenous Peoples Day: June 21

Canada’s energy industry recognizes the unique perspectives and contributions of Indigenous peoples

How to make your own hand sanitizer

The key ingredients are petroleum-based isopropyl alcohol along with aloe vera gel.

VIDEO: Improving oil sands environmental performance through COSIA

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions, reclaiming land and lowering water use: learn about Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance

XPRIZE Update: Turning carbon emissions into Vodka

The NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE’s newest finalist should help liven up the after-party while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Cenovus Energy produces billionth barrel of bitumen

Milestone a signpost of oil sands innovation, economic impact and commitment to sustainable development

Syncrude reaches 3 billion

In October 2019, Syncrude reached a historic milestone: 3 billion barrels of oil produced.

What is Indigenous Strong?

Indigenous workers join together to show support for oil and natural gas.

Canadian oil and natural gas is a cleantech industry

Canada’s oil and natural gas companies spend more on clean technology investments than all other industries – combined.

Industry works with Indigenous peoples toward shared prosperity

From procurement opportunities for Indigenous businesses to support for UNDRIP, Canada’s oil and gas industry is committed to engaging with Indigenous peoples.