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PODCAST: The importance of good energy policy for climate, competitiveness and affordability

There are a lot of factors impacting economic recovery – supply chain issues, the tax environment, the cost of shipping, bottlenecks at ports and more.

Oil Pumpjacks With the Canadian Flag in the Background.
PODCAST: How oil and gas investments will drive Canada’s economic recovery

Scotiabank energy specialists Swanzy Quarshie and Paul Lee weigh in on investing trends like ESG that could benefit Canada’s oil and gas industry—and the Canadian economy.

How natural gas can fuel cleaner electricity

Channa Perera of the Canadian Electricity Association discusses the importance of natural gas to Canada’s transition to cleaner electricity.

Innovation trends in oil and natural gas: Dan Wicklum

COSIA’s chief executive discusses how collaboration and open innovation of environmental technologies is transforming Canada’s oil sands.

Innovation trends in oil and natural gas: John Zhou

Vice-President of Clean Energy at Alberta Innovates highlights bitumen upgrading and beyond.

Innovation trends in oil and natural gas: Cécile Siewe

Cécile Siewe, director general of CanmetENERGY Devon. Photo by Jason Franson.

Innovation Trends in Canadian Oil and Gas: Steven Bryant

University of Calgary Canada Excellence Research Chair discusses the use of nanoparticles and non-carbon energy carriers as trends to maximize production with fewer environmental impacts.

Innovation Trends in Canadian Oil and Gas: Peter Tertzakian

Economist, energy consultant and author discusses disruptive innovations transforming oil and gas for the future

What happens if there’s an oil spill off BC’s coast?

Global News Vancouver radio host Lynda Steele asks Michael Lowry of the WCMRC about spills and whether bitumen floats.