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Alberta government announces natural gas strategy

Future development and diversification includes plans for low-emissions hydrogen production and plastics recycling.

Petroleum in real life: Soap and hand sanitizers

Germ-fighting essentials are now more important than ever – and they’re oil products

Petroleum in Real Life: Valentine’s Day

All you need is love – and some oil and natural gas

Made from oil and natural gas

Literally thousands of products you use and depend on are made or made better using petrochemicals: materials that come from oil and natural gas.

Petroleum in Real Life: Kayaks

Who says oil and water don’t mix? Kayaks make their case.

Petroleum in Real Life: LEGO

Everything is awesome with these durable plastic building blocks providing generations of kids (and adults) endless hours of joy, creativity.

A Closeup of a Bottle of Aspirin.
Petroleum in Real Life: Pills

Did you know aspirin and medications using time-release capsules are made possible using oil and natural gas-based petrochemicals?

Petroleum in Real Life: Piano keys

You’ve heard the expression, “tickling the ivories”: but did you know pianos since the 1970s use plastic key tops? And for good reason.

Petroleum in Real Life: Running shoes

Imagine running 10K without running shoes. Zola Budd did it, but most of us can’t live without our favourite pair of sneakers.

IEA report highlights need for oil investment

Global oil consumption to grow due to rising demand for petrochemicals, trucking and aviation.