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Coastal GasLink supports economic recovery in British Columbia

Video highlights opportunities in northern communities from well-paying jobs to self-determination.

VIDEO: How does oil and natural gas benefit Ontario?

A strong national natural gas and oil industry creates jobs and economic growth in Canada’s most populous province.

VIDEO: What is carbon conversion?

We can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by turning CO2 into useful products including fish food, concrete and vodka.

Ontario steel pipe maker invested in energy sector recovery

Tenaris’ Sault Ste. Marie plant is building toward the future.

VIDEO: This is Canadian oil and natural gas – Validere

Ontario-based hi-tech workers are helping to make western Canadian oil and natural gas better.

VIDEO: Land reclamation 101

Discover how Canadian oil and natural gas producers ensure the lands they disturb are returned to self-sustaining ecosystems with native plants and trees.

Canada is an oil and natural gas environmental innovation leader

Oil and natural gas needed even as we move toward a lower-carbon future: Canada leads the way in hydrocarbon environmental innovation

VIDEO: Innovative challenge to improve methane detection

Alberta Methane Field Challenge an opportunity for innovators to test new detection technologies to help lower oil and natural gas methane emissions.