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PODCAST: What are the priorities of Canadians during the pandemic?

Canadians believe natural gas and oil should be part of our economic recovery. What does that mean for an industry facing major challenges?

PODCAST: Can Canada’s economy come back without oil and gas?

Energy executive, investor and philanthropist Mac Van Wielingen says he can’t imagine a recovery without Canada’s largest industrial sector and export commodity.

Natural gas and oil crucial to Canada’s economic recovery

Vision document outlines industry’s huge potential to create new jobs and government revenues, while addressing emissions.

VIDEO: How does oil and natural gas benefit Ontario?

A strong national natural gas and oil industry creates jobs and economic growth in Canada’s most populous province.

Digging for fossil fuel subsidies

Energy Citizens blog highlights the lengths to which some groups will go to suggest Canada’s oil and gas industry is subsidized.

Restart Canada’s economic engine with oil and gas

We can get Canadians back to work by leveraging the sector’s leadership in environmental protection and its export potential.

Natural gas and oil: Canada’s #1 export — and why it matters

Energy production and export are the backbone of Canada’s economy and fundamental to post-pandemic recovery.

Alberta regulator sees significant capital spending decrease

Sharp fall in investment spending in 2019, even more declines throughout 2020.

Quiz: Oil and natural gas and Canada’s economy

How much do you know about the impacts of the oil and natural gas industry on Canada’s economy? Take this quiz to test your knowledge.