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An assortment of different Canadian bill denominations.
Petroleum in Real Life: Money

You can take it to the bank: polymer currencies last longer, are more sanitary and generate less emissions than their paper counterparts.

mark plamondon podcast alberta s industrial heartland association (1)
PODCAST: Mark Plamondon on opportunities in the Alberta Industrial Heartland

How Alberta’s hydrocarbon processing region can drive economic growth and help reduce global greenhouse gas emissions through carbon capture and other innovation opportunities.

Inter Pipeline Heartland facility construction April 2022
Profile: Mark Plamondon and the Alberta Industrial Heartland Association

Refining, petrochemicals and processing add further value, creating jobs and economic benefits to Canada’s oil and natural gas resources.

Fuel pumps docked in a fueling station. The fueling station is multi-coloured.
Why are gasoline prices going up?

From upstream production to refining to sales, the market sets the price – but many factors influence market price.

Snow capped mountain during the winter in the Canadian Rockies.
Petroleum in Real Life: Ski and snowboard edition

There’s a reason we don’t use 100% wooden skis anymore: materials derived from oil and natural gas make equipment stronger and lighter, while ensuring you can hit the slopes in safety and style.

Petroleum in Real Life: Yoga Pants

Yoga apparel and athletic wear in general rely on fabrics that are lightweight, breathable, stretchable and sweat-wicking: a combination made possible by synthetic fibres made from oil and gas.

Cradle of Canada’s oil industry celebrates more than 150 years

Ingenuity has defined the industry from its very start – in Ontario.

What goes into making an N-95 mask?

Almost everything in this mask is made using oil and natural gas-derived petrochemicals.

Canada’s energy industry steps up during COVID pandemic

Supporting health care workers and those in need part of giving back to Canadian communities.

Made from oil and natural gas

Literally thousands of products you use and depend on are made or made better using petrochemicals: materials that come from oil and natural gas.