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Petroleum in Real Life: Yoga Pants

Yoga apparel and athletic wear in general rely on fabrics that are lightweight, breathable, stretchable and sweat-wicking: a combination made possible by synthetic fibres made from oil and gas.

Cradle of Canada’s oil industry celebrates more than 150 years

Ingenuity has defined the industry from its very start – in Ontario.

What goes into making an N-95 mask?

Almost everything in this mask is made using oil and natural gas-derived petrochemicals.

Canada’s energy industry steps up during COVID pandemic

Supporting health care workers and those in need part of giving back to Canadian communities.

Made from oil and natural gas

Literally thousands of products you use and depend on are made or made better using petrochemicals: materials that come from oil and natural gas.

Petroleum in Real Life: Two types of contact lenses

Lightweight, gas permeable contact lenses are made possible by oil and natural gas.

Petroleum in Real Life: Anatomy of a running shoe

Comfortable, lightweight and supportive running shoes are made possible by oil and natural gas.

The Petroleum Value Chain: From crude oil to useful products

It’s more than gasoline: How crude oil is transformed into an array of essential products we use and need in our daily lives.