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Training is key to Pacific marine pilots’ tanker safety success

Marine pilots on Canada’s West Coast have an exceptional safety record in the world’s largest pilot-mandatory zone for large vessels including oil tankers.

Shipping oil through Canadian waters: safe by design

Meet the experts responsible for ensuring safe transportation through Canada’s West Coast waters

missing the boat natural gas exports blunt strategic (1)
Missing the Boat: Natural gas exports

A comparison of Canada vs U.S. liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports show a major missed opportunity.

Trans Mountain Expansion pipeline: Update

Contractors are mobilizing equipment and hiring workers to expand West Coast pipeline with impressive safety record.

What is Bill C-48 and five things to know about it

The Oil Tanker Moratorium Act would limit Canada’s access to growing energy markets in Asia while still allowing foreign tanker traffic.

O&G 101: What is the WCMRC?

The Western Canada Marine Response Corporation is part of Canada’s world leading marine spill prevention and response regime.

World-Class Marine Shipping: The Canada way

Canada is a world leader in safe shipping using oil tankers. Here’s why.

A Tale of Two Canadas: The case for market access

Economic experts agree: access to new markets is vital for Canada to create jobs, attract investment and generate economic growth.