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An Oil Pumpjack Next to the Flag of British Columbia Flying in the Sky.
Seismic events related to fluid disposal are rare, pose no risk

Report on minor earthquakes triggered by deep well fluid disposal also offers best practices to minimize seismicity.

VR takes viewers to the heart of energy production

Virtual reality opens doors and answers questions about how Canada’s natural gas and oil are produced safely and sustainably.

Light tight oil: B.C.’s untapped resource

Study says northeastern British Columbia is rich with potential sources of valuable light to medium oil.

Hydraulic Fracturing 101

Hydraulic fracturing has unlocked vast natural gas resources for Canadians. We explain how it works.

Hydraulic Fracturing 101: Seismic Activity

Microseismic activity induced by hydraulic fracturing is planned and managed.

Hydraulic Fracturing 101: Fracturing Fluid

Natural gas producers support disclosure of additives used in hydraulic fracturing.

Hydraulic Fracturing 101: Footprint

Did you know: Once completed, a single natural gas well can take up even less space than a typical two-car garage?

Hydraulic Fracturing 101: CO2

Did you know natural gas means less greenhouse gas emissions?

Hydraulic Fracturing 101: Safety

Did you know hydraulic fracturing is a safe technology regulated by government?

Hydraulic Fracturing 101: Water

Did you know a properly constructed natural gas well protects our water?