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PODCAST: How innovation can make cleaner natural gas and oil

Bryan Helfenbaum of Alberta Innovates takes on ‘advanced hydrocarbons’ in a quest to lower emissions and reduce environmental impacts from natural gas and oil production.

Petroleum 101: Heavy Oil

Heavy oil is not an inferior product; it yields an array of necessary refined products and markets are growing.

How molecular science could help produce cleaner bitumen

University of Alberta researcher Hongbo Zeng is working on a way to remove particles from bitumen to improve downstream refining.

‘Tuning’ rock for easier oil recovery, less energy intensity

Using hot water instead of steam could dramatically reduce emissions associated with oil sands production—if Hossein Hejazi can find the right recipe of additives.

VIDEO: This is Canadian oil and natural gas – Validere

Ontario-based hi-tech workers are helping to make western Canadian oil and natural gas better.

Innovation Profile: Tara Bernat

Encana’s ‘bird lady’ uses habitat modeling to help reduce environmental impacts.

VIDEO: Oil and gas a great career for young professionals

Sarah Vandaiyar explains how oil and natural gas provide opportunities for young professionals looking to grow, make a difference.

Innovation Profile: Julian Ortiz and the non-condensable gas solution

Ortiz adds gas to steam in a quest to lower greenhouse gas emissions while lowering costs in Canada’s oil sands.

VIDEO: The Opportunity to Come Home

The oil and natural gas industry gave Elizabeth Collins to return home to Newfoundland and Labrador.