Kane Lam: Why I support pipelines

Energy Citizen Kane Lam from Richmond Hill, Ontario, explains why he supports pipelines and access to new markets.

Kane Lam knows the value of innovation when it comes to building a better future. He saw his father build a successful poultry packing business from the ground up after arriving in Canada from Hong Kong.

Following in his father’s entrepreneurial footsteps, Lam has launched a number of business enterprises including a technology startup in Richmond Hill, Ontario. He and his partners are working to develop innovative mobile app technologies for Canadian businesses.

He supports pipelines because he knows that the energy sector helps drive the kind of global innovation needed to keep Canada at the cutting edge.

Citing the stringent regulations and intense public scrutiny that Canada’s oil and natural gas producers face, Lam notes: “Our energy sector has had to adapt and innovate to continually reduce their impact on the environment. Pipelines will accelerate that innovation by bringing in more money for research and development. That will lead to technologies which could ultimately have applications that reach far beyond Canada and the energy sector.”

Adds Lam, “When the energy sector does well, Canada does well, which means opportunities for all of our citizens in all sectors, all regions, and all backgrounds.”

Six years ago, when Lam was a student at the University of Toronto, he constantly heard from well-intentioned friends about the evils of the energy sector. “However, I did some independent research and discovered that our energy sector is, in fact, top-class in the world,” states Lam.

Since then, Lam has made standing up for the energy sector part of his daily life. “I consider it a duty to speak up for the industry wherever I am—at school, around the dinner table with family and friends, at work and on social media,” says Lam.

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