Nicole Bourque-Bouchier, CEO of the Bouchier Group

The little company that could

A perspective on industry and Indigenous engagement from Nicole Bourque-Bouchier

When the Bouchier Group first began working in the oil sands in 1998, the business was nothing more than one man and a couple of pieces of used equipment. Since then, we’ve grown to become one of Western Canada’s largest Indigenous-owned companies.

As an Aboriginal business, we’ve had to prove that we can do the job as well– and even better – than our competitors. Industry gave us an opportunity to compete but it has been our skill, experience, and expertise in civil and site services that has made us successful.

Bouchier Group has been a part of the oil sands’ evolution over the past 20 years as a partner within industry. We’ve provided civil and site services for companies like Syncrude Canada, Suncor Energy, Canadian Natural Resources, Shell Canada, and Imperial Oil.

Entrepreneur and business owner Nicole Bourque-Bouchier

If industry wants to be successful in its relationships with Indigenous peoples, one of the most important things to remember is to always be a good neighbour. And to do so, industry has to get to know its neighbours on all levels by learning about our Aboriginal roots and by giving back to the communities in which we live and work.

We’ve weathered two major economic downturns by not only intuiting the needs of industry but having good business sense. Our margins have shrunk compared to where we once were but our growth remains steady. We’ve re-invested in ourselves to adjust to the times without losing our integrity or sacrificing our beliefs.

Bouchier Group is the little company that could. We’ve built our business and our success on the foundation of having good people. We are surrounded by a team of Indigenous and non-Indigenous people that believe in our vision to honour the traditional way of life, share our culture, and are committed to being more than colleagues, but a family.


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