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A Valentine for oil and natural gas innovation

We heart 10 technologies driving sustainable development in Canada’s oil and natural gas industry.

This Valentine’s Day, let’s ♥ some of the great work being done to sustainably develop Canada's oil and natural gas resources.

Increasing population and a growing middle class mean the world needs more energy, including more oil and natural gas for the foreseeable future. How can we increase production in a lower-carbon, more sustainable future?

Canada’s energy industry is at the forefront of developing innovations to make our oil and natural gas resources a part of the future energy mix. Here are ten examples of how:



Steven and Emidio
Pond Technologies: Using algae to gobble up GHG emissions
Using microscopic algae, Pond CEO Steven Martin believes he has the key to unlocking a low-carbon, energy-rich future.


 Russ Graham, TRIDO Industries  

Innovation Profile: Building a better solar pump

Russ Graham and TRIDO have developed a way to make oil and natural gas solar pumps more reliable while reducing GHG emissions.



 Carbon XPRIZE video  

VIDEO: What is the NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE?

Learn more about the $20 million innovation incentive for teams around the world to turn CO2 emissions from waste to useful products.



 Stephane Germain, CEO of GHGSat  

Innovation Profile: Stephane Germain of GHGSat

Aerospace meets oil sands: Montreal entrepreneur Stephane Germain develops space tech that helps monitor GHG emissions on Earth.



 Joshua Martin  

Innovation Profile: Joshua Martin and the Nikanotee Fen

Reclaiming wetlands is an industry priority—but as Suncor scientist Joshua Martin explains, it’s not as simple as ‘just add water.’



 Ian Gates  

Innovator: Ian Gates and lower-emissions oil sands

University of Calgary scientist Dr. Ian Gates is developing a new approach to SAGD that could lower GHG emissions and costs.



 Don Berggren, president Berg Chilling Systems  

Innovation Profile: Don Berggren helps freeze out energy sector GHGs

Ontario-based Berg Chilling Systems is a supplier to Western Canadian oil and natural gas producers who's innovating to help industry reduce GHGs.



 Spartan Controls  

Innovation Profile: Spartan Controls and REMVue

Canadian company finds way to help natural gas producers save money and reduce GHGs using clean-tech inspired from the automotive industry. 



 Encana capturing vent gas  

Capturing vent gas to turn emissions into fuel

Encana's vent gas capture systems turn GHGs into fuel, reducing emissions while improving operational efficiency.



 Rifled tubes  

Cool Tech: Rifled tubes for steam generation

This technology could help the oil sands reduce water use and GHG emissions intensity.