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CAPP encourages Albertans to vote energy

Alberta Energy Platform highlights oil and gas priorities political parties should adopt to ensure competitive, prosperous Alberta.

Alberta has an opportunity to become one of the most attractive places in the world for oil and natural gas investment, producing energy the world needs while displacing less-responsible sources of supply. But this can only happen if Albertans vote for energy by insisting all political parties adopt policies aimed at enhancing industry’s competitiveness, according to The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers’ (CAPP).

CAPP has released “Alberta Energy Platform, Oil and Natural Gas Priorities for a Prosperous Alberta”, a document outlining a set of aspirational goals and policy recommendations focused on four priority areas: market access, regulatory competitiveness, climate policy, and fiscal and economic policy.

In its Energy Platform, CAPP provides clear information about the challenges facing Alberta’s oil and natural gas industry, as well as action-oriented recommendations. CAPP hopes to inform political parties and voters about how the province can get back on track and supply energy to the world. The success of the province is largely tied to a strong oil and natural gas industry, and a vote for energy moves both Alberta and Canada toward a more prosperous future.

“Albertans need to be well-informed and have a clear picture of how we can make our province better before heading into the election. A vote for energy sends the message that Alberta can, and should, be supplying energy to the world,” says CAPP president and CEO Tim McMillan.

Says McMillan, “We want to attract global investment to the oil and natural gas sector, but to do so we need greater regulatory certainty along with fiscal and economic policies that allow us to compete globally.”

Specifically, CAPP’s recommendations advocate for a strong growth scenario for the oil and natural gas industry in Alberta, increasing its competitiveness in the global energy market and attracting investment back to the province. CAPP’s Energy Platform sets goals to ensure the rate of Alberta’s oil and natural gas supply doubles in growth and helps meet global demand, while displacing less-responsible sources of supply. By doubling investment in Alberta, the platform suggests Canada can aspire to become the fourth-largest oil producer (we’re currently sixth) and third-largest natural gas producer (we’re currently fifth) in the world.

“The Alberta Energy Platform is ambitious and achievable,” says McMillan.

“A healthy oil and natural gas industry benefits all Albertans and builds on the backbone of our economy,” adds McMillan. “As Albertans head to the polls, the message is that a vote for energy is a vote to build a prosperous future for Alberta.”