Myth buster

Myth: It’s not safe to ship oil from Canada’s West Coast

Canada has shipped oil from the West Coast for 60 years and the waters are safe because of world-class marine safety standards.

Some Tanker Facts:

Since 1956, tankers have transported petroleum products from the Westridge Marine Terminal out through Port Metro Vancouver without a single spill.

  • Currently, five tankers a month carry oil from the existing Trans Mountain pipeline for export. Tanker traffic would increase to 34 a month once the pipeline is expanded.
  • Canada has world-leading safety standards for marine transport using tankers, including mandatory use of double-hull tankers, and the use of marine pilots with knowledge of local waters when navigating harbours
    and busy waterways. Learn more from Transport Canada.
  • In the unlikely event of a spill, Canada also has highly trained, expert spill response organizations including the Western Canada Marine Response Corporation.
  • In 2011, about 2.2 million tonnes of oil were safely shipped from the Port of Vancouver.