Did you know

COSIA and Innovation

Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance is a leader in developing and sharing environmental technologies.

COSIA member companies have developed and shared 819 technologies costing about $1.3 billion. Some projects underway:

IN-PLACE ELECTRO-KINETIC REMEDIATION: Electrodes are inserted into a deposit of fine fluid tailings and an electric current is applied which causes the release of water and consolidation of fine particles.

OIL SANDS VEGETATION COOPERATIVE: A collaborative effort to collect and store seeds from a wide variety of species. These seeds will be used to revegetate the landscape after operations have ceased and the land is reclaimed to a natural state.

COSIA IN SPACE: An investigation into the use of state-of-the-art satellite technology to measure fugitive GHG emissions coming from tailings ponds and mine faces.

Learn more about these and other projects at cosia.ca.