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VIDEO: Dawson Creek is a community that supports oil and gas

Municipal leaders, business owners and residents highlight the positive relationship between their community and industry

This video highlights the strong relationship between the residents of Dawson Creek, B.C. and TransCanada, and how the oil and gas industry works hard to engage, involve and support the communities in which it operates.

Some quotes from the video:

“Companies like TransCanada, coming in here and supporting us give us that ability to support that economic development for our community,” says Dale Bumstead, mayor of Dawson Creek. 

“We know how important it is for communities to be an active participant in our projects,” says Catie Underhill, community relations liaison for TransCanada.

“When industry comes to town, it helps everyone,” says Tracy Winland, general manager of the George Dawson Inn, “It helps fill up the hotels; it helps fill up the grocery stores; it helps fill the restaurants.”

“By hiring local people, the good thing about it is, the money is going to stay here in Dawson Creek; the wages will help everybody,” says Neal Norman of Reg Norman Trucking.

“I like how TransCanada has given back to our community,” says Robert Bedell, a student at Northern Lights College. “They gave our welding program $150,000. It’s really helpful that industry is progressing our trades training.

Some additional facts:

• TransCanada and Dawson Creek have partnered on meaningful community investment initiatives, including Kindness Meters. Residents make donations into the street-side meters which TransCanada matches. The monies received are then donated to local organizations. 

• Millions have been invested in skills training and education for local and Aboriginal people to prepare them for employment in the energy sector and ensure a strong, positive legacy in Northern B.C.

• To date, TransCanada has invested over $7 million in community initiatives and programs important to British Columbians