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Sun Rise: Suncor, the Oil Sands and the Future of Energy

An engaging read by former CEO Rick George that tells the story of Suncor and the growth of Canada's oil sands

Rick George was the former CEO of Suncor and a pioneer of Canada's oil sands industry. Photo: Canadian Press/Jeff McIntosh

Sun Rise is written by former Suncor CEO Rick George who recently passed away at age 67. A central figure in Canada’s oil and gas industry, George is credited with turning Suncor around, transforming a small, money-losing U.S.-owned subsidiary into Canada’s largest integrated energy company. Part auto-biography and part business review, the book is readable and authentic, filled with engaging personal anecdotes and savvy business and life lessons. Sun Rise is a compelling insider’s look into Suncor, and the emergence of Canada’s oil sands as a key energy source for the future. You can find the book on