LNG tankers are used to carry natural gas to markets overseas.
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West Coast LNG: Economic Potential

The creation of a Canadian West Coast LNG industry would create jobs and government revenues for people in B.C. and across Canada.

Developing and exporting LNG from Canada would not only help meet growing global energy demand with cleaner-burning natural gas, but would also provide significant benefits to the B.C. and Canadian economies. For example, upstream activities supporting one LNG plant in B.C. exporting two billion cubic feet per day would provide annually (based on a 10-year average):

  • 20,000 direct, indirect and induced B.C. jobs
  • $475 million in annual payments to the B.C. government
  • $3.7 billion to B.C.’s GDP

Source: CAPP 2017

More broadly, royalties and taxes generated by LNG development would help fund health care, education, infrastructure and social services across Canada.