India will see the largest growth in energy demand to 2040.
By the numbers

World Energy Outlook 2018: By the numbers

The International Energy Agency’s annual forecast says global energy demand to increase as world grows, reduces poverty.

In its World Energy Outlook 2018, the International Energy Agency Forecasts that by 2040:

• 1.7 billion: Global population growth of 1.7 billion and rising standards of living in developing and newly industrialized nations will drive growing energy demand.

• 27%: World energy demand is forecast to increase 27 per percent.

• 2x: The world would need twice as much energy as it produces today if it weren’t for continue improvements in energy efficiency.

• 43%: Natural gas demand up by 43 per cent. Many nations are looking to natural gas for affordable and reliable electrical power generation that produces 40 per cent fewer GHGs than coal.

• 10%: Total oil demand to increase by 10 per cent. While use of oil for transportation will peak, growth in petrochemicals means more oil will be needed in the future.

• 1 billion: In 2017, the number of people without access to electricity dipped below one billion. This falls short of international goals.