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Get the facts on natural gas

With global demand for natural gas expected to increase 45 per cent by 2040, this versatile hydrocarbon is energy for tomorrow.

World demand for natural gas is expected to increase 45 per cent by 2040, driven primarily by rapidly expanding Asian economies. This includes China, which has stated its desire to shift towards natural gas and renewables and away from coal. Natural gas produces 40 per cent fewer GHG emissions than coal when used to generate electricity.

Canada has enormous natural gas resources and our industry is well-regulated, technically advanced and is positioned to help meet global demand.

To learn more about how the Canadian natural gas industry is poised to play an important role in the global energy mix now and for decades to come, download the Canada’s Natural Gas fact book. This handy resource is designed to give readers fast, easy access to natural gas facts that allow them to participate in a balanced discussion about energy, the economy and the environment.