By the numbers

Pipelines: Safe transport of oil and natural gas

Safety is a vital priority for pipeline companies and the numbers show it.

The annual performance report by the Canadian Energy Pipeline Association (CEPA) shows an industry focused on safety and continuous improvement. Here are some highlights:

99.999%: CEPA member companies have delivered natural gas and liquid petroleum products with a 99.999 per cent safety record for over a decade. CEPA continues to strive to reach their goal of 100 per cent. 

454: The number of emergency response exercises held in 2016 ranging in complexity from emergency drills to full-scale exercises, designed to ensure a fast, coordinated response in the unlikely event of a major incident.

Zero: The number of significant incidents of liquid leaks or spills in 2016. The majority of pipeline incidents are minor, such as small pinhole leaks. These minor incidents must be addressed but pose little risk to the public or the environment.

38 barrels: The amount of liquid petroleum products released onto pipeline rights-of-way in pipeline incidents involving CEPA members in 2016.

6 billion barrels: The amount of crude oil and other liquid petroleum products safely delivered over the past five years.

Read the full CEPA performance report here.