Image courtesy: Shell Canada
Industry in Action

Industry reuses city wastewater to reduce fresh water consumption

Shell Canada partners with local towns in B.C. and Alberta to reuse municipal wastewater instead of using fresh water for its operations.

Shell Canada is reducing its overall fresh water footprint by using municipal wastewater. In 2014, Shell and the Town of Fox Creek, Alberta, signed an agreement that allows Shell to use the town’s treated wastewater in its operations. In return, Shell funded the engineering and design to upgrade the town’s raw water facilities. This alternative source of water replaces the use of about 400,000 cubic metres of fresh water a year.

This initiative builds on a similar project Shell used for its Groundbirch operations in northeast British Columbia starting in 2012. In another win-win, Shell Canada partnered with the city of Dawson Creek to build a reclaimed water facility to treat the city’s wastewater for reuse by industry, and by the community for resale or for watering plants and sports fields.