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Smart choices for a lower emissions future

Discover more about how improvements in internal combustion engine technology can achieve cost-effective reductions in GHG emissions.

The latest edition of Perspectives magazine, published by the Canadian Fuels Association, makes the case for the internal combustion engine. While agreeing that the transition to electric vehicles is an important part of a long-term shift in transportation technology, the editors point out how scientific and engineering literature suggest a less expensive way to achieve greater greenhouse gas reductions in the near term: improvements to mainstream technologies of today. 

The authors discuss a study from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). In 2015, MIT released a report pointing to how improvements to internal combustion engines, transmissions and in-vehicle technology would provide the largest fuel consumption and GHG emissions reductions for the next 20-plus years. The study highlights the long time frames for new technologies to achieve major fleet penetration, saying that even by 2050, vehicles using internal combustion engines will still make up 60 per cent of sales. It's an interesting perspective, worth delving into. Read more here.