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Anti-oil campaigns protect U.S. interests, not environment

B.C. researcher says anti-oil campaigns funded by U.S. groups are trying to land-lock Alberta oil while ignoring growing U.S. production.

Global Edmonton news anchor Jennifer Crosby interviews Vivian Krause, a B.C. researcher who has found a link between the campaigns against Canadian pipelines and oil and wealthy U.S. groups. According to Krause, these groups are funding anti-Canadian oil campaigns with the specific goal of land-locking oil production from Western Canada. The ultimate effect is to prevent pipelines from being built, which serves U.S. interests where production continues to expand, while driving down the price for Alberta oil, costing Canadians billions of dollars in foregone revenue.

Krause notes in the interview: “We’ve got to ask themselves, ‘Why Alberta has been singled out, even though it’s the only jurisdiction in the world with a cap on emissions from oil sands, the only place with a carbon tax as it is, and even though the province has created a very large boreal forest reserve? Why is there is there still a campaign against Alberta?”

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