Methane mapping drone. Photo courtesy GeosciencesBC.
Industry in Action

Using drones to track GHGs: Canbriam, Progress and ARC Resources

Canbriam Energy, Progress Energy and ARC Resources collaborate with Geoscience BC on innovative greenhouse gas mapping tool.

Developing and using new technologies to better understand greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions helps Canada maintain its standing as a world leader in sustainable resource development. Canbriam Energy, Progress Energy and ARC Resources are collaborating with Geoscience BC on a GHGMap project that uses drone-mounted sensors to improve the speed, accuracy, safety and cost of measuring GHG emissions. The project, using technology developed by NASA, will be used to remotely map emissions of gases such as methane, ethane and carbon dioxide. This work will help companies implement superior and cost-effective programs to better monitor and further reduce upstream GHG emissions.