Yangshan LNG terminal, Shanghai, China
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FortisBC plans to ship more LNG to China

FortisBC looks to complete an expansion of its Tilbury LNG plant with an eye to meeting China’s growing thirst for natural gas.

Last November, FortisBC launched a pilot shipment of the first container of LNG from Canada to China. Since then, FortisBC says it has been working with prospective Chinese customers on additional shipments to meet growing natural gas demand in the world’s most populous country. This includes a deal to send 20 containers of LNG to the China Energy Reserve and Chemicals Group. The shipment arrived in Shanghai this past May.

“China’s supply of LNG is currently quite limited, so we are seeking new sources of LNG to meet future demand,” said Henry Liu, Canada representative for CERCG in a news release. “We see a very good business future here in Canada and we are pleased to work with FortisBC to deliver LNG to China.”

“FortisBC is exploring opportunities to provide small-scale customers in China with LNG to help them achieve their goals of reducing air pollution,” noted Douglas Stout, vice-president of market development and external relations, FortisBC, in the release. The company is currently completing an expansion of its Tilbury LNG plant and says it will be one of the cleanest LNG facilities in the world.

China is ramping up efforts to clean its air by turning to natural gas as a reliable alternative to high-carbon fuels like coal. This represents a clear market opportunity for countries like Canada to provide sustainably produced natural gas through increased exports of LNG.

FortisBC Inc is a B.C.-based electric power and gas distribution/retail company.