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Keep Canada’s Centennial Flame alive

Natural gas association wants to keep historical icon and symbol of Canadian unity from burning out.

Public Services and Procurement Canada has undertaken a study to look at alternatives to natural gas fueling the Centennial Flame on Parliament Hill. One proposal is to replace it with LED lights.

The Centennial Flame, which sits on Parliament Hill in front of the Peace Tower in Ottawa was first lit on December 31, 1966. It was created to commemorate Canada’s 100th anniversary as a Confederation.The Canadian Gas Association (CGA) has sent an open letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau objecting to the study and asking that the flame as a symbol of Canadian history and unity be maintained. The CGA also highlights that the flame’s GHG emissions are offset through the purchase of renewable natural gas—a net zero emissions form of natural gas created using municipal waste and biomass. Read the letter.


Learn more about the Centennial Flame

Watch this video about how the Centennial Flame was rebuilt just last year to add Nunavut: