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Canadian Chamber urges action after Trans Mountain decision

Canadian Chamber of Commerce president Perrin Beatty calls on government to fix 'broken' regulatory system, ensure Canadian competitiveness.

Subsequent to the Federal Court of Appeal decision regarding the Trans Mountain Expansion pipeline, Canadian Chamber of Commerce president and CEO Perrin Beatty released a statement highlighting strong concerns over the impact to the competitiveness of Canadian business and potential economic impacts to Indigenous and non-Indigenous Canadians, while urging government to fix a "broken" regulatory system.

Beatty noted:

"It is clear that this decision delivers a serious blow to the Indigenous communities that are counting on this project to create jobs and economic prosperity and to Canada’s economy as a whole. It sends a profoundly negative message to investors both here at home and around the world about Canada’s regulatory system and our ability to get things done even after the federal government has declared them to be in the national interest.

"We strongly believe Canada can bring its resources to market, while protecting the environment and respecting the rights of our Indigenous communities, many of which depend upon the sector to build a better economic future. Now more than ever Canadians are looking to government for economic certainty, predictability and visionary leadership."

To read the full statement, click here.