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Labour group shows appreciation for oil industry

#ThankYouOil banners on semis operating in Ontario and Quebec drive home importance of oil in our daily lives.

The Laborers' International Union of North America (LiUNA) wants to help residents in Ontario and Quebec gain an appreciation of how much oil matters in their daily lives: from its role as a key transportation fuel, to its use in creating everyday products from plastics to cosmetics to clothing, and its importance in creating jobs and economic benefits for all Canadians.

One eye-catching way LiUNA is doing this is through 20 semi-trailer trucks sporting large #ThankYouOil banners prominently emblazoned along their sides. The trucks began operating throughout eastern Canada from Toronto to Ottawa to Quebec City this May. LiUNA also supports the website:, featuring some of the numerous products we use and depend on that are created using petrochemicals derived from oil and natural gas.

LiUNA international vice-president Joseph Mancinelli introduces semi-truck #ThankYouOil banners to highlight the importance of oil in our daily lives.

As well, LiUNA held a symposium in April discussing the value of Canada’s resource sector in job creation and in developing innovative technologies to minimize the impact of oil and natural gas development.

Joseph Mancinelli, International Vice-President for LiUNA explains, "Oil is vital to our way of life and the Canadian standard of living, but there is more to oil than just for the car...that is greater message we are trying to get out."

Mancinelli adds that he is proud of Canada’s energy sector, particularly as a leader in developing environmental solutions: "No oil-producing nation can match what we do in Canada. The world will beat a path to our door to gain access to the technology that is being developed in Canada's oil sector. It can and will be our competitive advantage."

LiUNA represents over 100,000 workers throughout Canada who build office towers, bridges, schools, factories, hospitals, roads, and also pipelines.