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Canada poised to be a leader in cleantech oil and gas innovation

According to Global Affairs Canada, Canadian cleantech oil and gas companies are leading the charge in terms of hydrocarbon environmental competitiveness.

An article on JWNenergy.com highlights how Canada is fast establishing itself as a global cleantech leader in oil and natural gas innovation. 

The article is sponsored by the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service and notes, “Canadian cleantech and oil and gas companies are working together to transform the economic landscape and environmental competitiveness in areas ranging from energy efficiency, digitization, novel resource recovery, transport and value added solutions across the entire value chain.”

Jean-Philippe Linteau, director, Cleantech Sector with the Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) of Global Affairs Canada noted at a Cleantech Global Workshop at the Global Petroleum Show in June, “Meeting the world’s growing needs for energy and for a transition to a low-carbon economy requires unprecedented innovation.”

“A key message for you is to remember that Canada is an energy powerhouse, and that we are also a cleantech leader, and so there is no country that is better positioned to be out there leading the transition to the clean resources nexus. This is where we are going and it’s incumbent upon us as Canadians to help the world make that transition.”

The article goes on to describe some of the tremendous opportunities around the world for growth in Canadian cleantech oil and natural gas. Read the full article.