Steam generators at MEG Energy's Christina Lake facility. Photo by Tung Bui.
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Oil sands company aims for zero greenhouse gas emissions

Can Meg Energy achieve net-zero emissions? Through carbon capture they say it’s not a pipe dream.

Alberta-base oil and gas producer, MEG Energy believes it can achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions at its Christina Lake oil sands facility in northern Alberta.

They are proposing a project that would capture greenhouse gases before they are released into the atmosphere, and permanently bury those emissions deep below the Earth’s surface. It’s a technology called carbon capture and sequestration.

In an interview with CBC News, MEG chief executive Derek Evans said “it’s not a pipe dream.”

“We’re actually well beyond the dreaming stage. We’ve identified a place where we think we can sequester our greenhouse gas emissions. We think it’s large enough to handle not only ours, but a large component of the people in the Christina Lake area and we think it’s doable,” he said.

Evans noted that a pilot project should be operational within the next two years. Read the CBC article, “‘It’s not a pipe dream’: Oilsands company developing project to wipe out its emissions.”