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Canadian Energy Centre officially opens

Alberta government initiative aims to combat foreign-funded campaigns and misinformation targeting Alberta's oil and natural gas industry.

The Government of Alberta has debuted the Canadian Energy Centre (CEC). It's an initiative the government says will fight back against foreign-funded campaigns and misinformation attacking Alberta's oil and natural gas industry, while threatening to landlock Western Canadian resources so they can't reach overseas markets.

The announcement was made by Premier Jason Kenney, alongside Energy Minister Sonya Savage and CEC Managing Director Tom Olsen at an event at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT). The government is spending $30 million to fund the campaign, including $2.5 million to support a public inquiry into the allegations of foreign funding.

The CEC will also have three units that will work together to tell Canada’s energy story:

  • A rapid response unit to issue swift responses to misinformation about Canadian oil and natural gas.
  • A pro-active energy literacy unit that creates original content to elevate the general understanding of Canada’s energy sector and help the country take control of its energy story.
  • A data and research unit that centralizes and analyses data targeting investors, researchers, and policy makers.

“The Canadian Energy Centre is a key part of Alberta’s new, proactive strategy to tell the truth about our responsibly produced resources. Alberta has been a great motor of jobs, prosperity, and social progress because of our natural resources, and increasingly we are world leaders in technology that reduces the environmental output of our oil and gas,” said Alberta Premier Jason Kenney. “We will no longer passively accept a campaign of defamation seeking to landlock one of Canada’s greatest assets.”