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Speaking up on the need to change Bill C-69

Ordinary Canadians including business owners and workers speak to the Senate committee on why Bill C-69 is flawed and could hurt their livelihoods.

The Senate Energy, the Environment and Natural Resources Committee has been touring across Canada to gather feedback from Canadians on Bill C-69. The bill is proposed legislation by the federal government that would overhaul Canada’s regulatory review process. The Senate is currently reviewing Bill C-69 and has the power to recommend amendments.

A number of groups, including Canada’s oil and natural gas industry have raised serious concerns with the bill. As written, the bill would make an already complex review process more complicated. This would make it even harder to get major energy infrastructure projects like pipelines built.

This sentiment has been echoed by concerned Canadians across Western Canada, many who have expressed their concern before the committee. They see how the bill, if not amended, could impact them directly: driving away investment, jobs and economic growth from the many communities that depend on a strong energy industry in Canada. A prime example is Serina Parsons, executive director of the Bonnyville and District Chamber of Commerce. See below for an eloquent summary of the threat that Bill C-69 poses to the rural communities and businesses she represents.