Canada's Senate chamber.
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Senate wants cross-Canada hearings on Bill C-69

In response to concerns over Bill C-69, the Senate’s energy and environment committee wants to hear from Canadians impacted by bill.

According to a report in The Star, the energy and environment committee of Canada’s Senate has given unanimous consent for a motion to reach out to Canadians over Bill C-69. The bill, which was introduced to Parliament last year, seeks to overhaul how major projects likes oil and natural gas pipelines, mines and hydro dams are assessed for approval. 

While the Liberal government introduced the bill in an effort to restore public confidence in the assessment process, the legislation as currently worded has created concern and uncertainty. There are fears the bill will make it even harder to approve major projects, driving away investment and harming the Canadian economy. 

Paula Simons, an independent senator from Alberta, sponsored the motion for Senators to tour the country and hear from Canadians. The senator indicated a desire to visit those most directly impacted by the legislation, including Indigenous and oil and gas communities. Read The Star story here.