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Investments in data and clean tech support developing low-emissions natural gas market

Ontario high-tech firm Validere to develop real-time data tracking so customers can purchase responsibly sourced natural gas.

Toronto-based high-tech firm Validere Technologies, together with partners Xpansiv, Pacific Canbriam Energy, and Clearstone Engineering, received $1.2 million through Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC). The funding will assist development of technology that supports the low emissions natural gas market in Canada and globally.

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What does Validere do?

Through innovations such as artificial intelligence, Validere helps improve operating efficiency. By developing ways to track product quality in real time (monitoring characteristics of oil and natural gas that could affect how the product moves through a pipeline, or which refinery might purchase product with certain qualities), Validere helps get the right product to the right customer in the most efficient way. This enables energy companies to be more efficient, reduce emissions, and improve revenues. Validere is working with more than 40 oil and natural gas producers, midstream (processing and pipelines), and downstream (refinery) companies.

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Validere: This is Canadian Energy

Innovators for the Future

With this funding from SDTC, Validere and partners can continue pioneering the capture, validation, and transfer of additional data on each natural gas molecule from production to use, including tracking emissions like methane. This allows customers to confidently purchase the most responsibly sourced natural gas. Xpansiv maintains the registry for the datasets, removing the risk of double counting and ensuring transparency for emissions reductions, while Clearstone calculates the emissions profile associated with the field-level data from Validere. Pacific Canbriam, as the natural gas producer, is creating groundbreaking new datasets from its natural gas facilities.

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Mark Le Dain, Validere’s senior vice-president, Strategy and Corporate Development says, “Emissions among natural gas producers can vary substantially, which has created confusion on how natural gas can reduce global emissions. But if potential customers can clearly track emissions, they can confidently purchase from the lowest-emission producers. This is great for Canadian producers and the environment.”

“This funding will further enhance the technology we need to transparently show our customers the responsible way our natural gas is produced,” says Paul Myers, president, Pacific Canbriam Energy.