What if countries reduced flaring like Canada?

While other countries increased GHG-emission-causing flaring activities, Canada’s flaring fell 42 percent despite increased production.

Flaring, the combustion and release of methane into the atmosphere, is a source of GHG emissions from oil and gas production. It is sometimes necessary for safety and operations, but with planning, technology, well-designed regulations and thoughtful execution, unnecessary flaring can be eliminated. That in a nutshell explains why Canada is among the best in the world at avoiding unnecessary flaring, and how we reduced our flaring volume by 42 percent from 2015 to 2019 even as we increased oil and gas production.

Not everyone is like that: A report by the UN World Bank agency found that the top seven flaring countries account for two thirds of all flaring volume. As the world continues to need oil and gas to meet energy needs, it seems we need more Canada and Canada’s forward-thinking approaches to climate and sustainability.

Note: This infographic was inspired by this general infographic on flaring. Check out more quality energy infographics at EnergyMinute.ca.

if countries reduced flaring like canada ghg emissions from oil and gas would fall