Kristyn is helping our water go further, figuratively and literally.

A water resource hub

Water is one of our most precious natural resources. We’re always looking for innovative ways to minimize the amount of fresh water used in operations. Using existing technologies, we have created a water resource hub in northeastern British Columbia for this purpose.

The water hub collects the water used in operations from several well pads to be treated and recycled, maximizing the water we can reuse. The facility also taps deep wells to access salty water that’s not suitable for drinking or agriculture. This salty water is blended with the recycled water from hydraulic fracturing and production operations. The hub recycles water constantly, using common filtration systems often seen in municipal water treatment plants. This will save over 2.5 million cubic metres of fresh water over five years, so we can get the energy we need while conserving our precious fresh water resources.

In addition, by piping water between sites rather than trucking it, we’ll save about 200,000 truck trips over five years. This reduces dust, noise, traffic and greenhouse gas emissions, making us a better neighbour.

Can I drink the water that goes through the hub?

The water collected from the deep wells is not suitable for human consumption or use in agriculture.

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