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Canada’s low oil price crisis

CBC’s Power & Politics interviews Tim McMillan on the oil price discount that’s costing Canadians billions in lost revenue.

Differentials: How low prices for our oil are costing Canadians

Pipeline constraints and lack of market diversity mean Canada is losing out on the value it could get for oil on international markets.

Innovation trends in oil and natural gas: Cécile Siewe

Cécile Siewe, director general of CanmetENERGY Devon. Photo by Jason Franson.

We can grow production and meet climate commitments

CAPP executive vice-president Terry Abel explains how Canada’s oil and natural gas industry can—and should—grow while addressing the global issue of climate change.

Is Canada’s offshore competitive enough?

A comparison between Newfoundland and Labrador and Norway suggests Canada’s regulatory system could be streamlined.

PTAC: Nurturing oil and natural gas innovation

PTAC’s Soheil Asgarpour explains how his organization helps innovators develop oil and natural gas technologies to improve operations and reduce environmental impact.

Environmental Protection: Spending by industry

The oil and natural gas industry accounts for 44 per cent of environmental protection spending, according to data from Statistics Canada.