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Methane 101: What is methane and why does it matter?

Methane is both a component of natural gas and a potent GHG if released into the atmosphere. Canada’s oil and natural gas industry has committed to a 45 percent reduction of methane emissions by 2025.

Atlantic offshore development timelines

Did you know that it can take 20 years or more to move an exploration discovery to a development?

How improved competitiveness would help Alberta

24,000 new jobs just one of the potential benefits of improved competitiveness in Alberta

Myth: Oil sands development is disturbing vast areas of land

A common myth is that oil sands development is destroying an area of land greater than the size of England. It’s just not true.

Energy free trade and NAFTA: A good deal for all

Joint paper highlights how free trade has made energy in North America more affordable and reliable for citizens and the economy.

World-Class Marine Shipping: The Canada way

Canada is a world leader in safe shipping using oil tankers. Here’s why.

Improved competitiveness would create jobs: CAPP report

New report says Alberta government and energy industry could create 24,000 jobs by working together.

Natural gas wellheads in Alberta canola field
Orphan Wells 101

What are orphan wells and what is industry doing about them?