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What kind of energy user are you?

Take Canadian Geographic’s online survey and find out if you are an efficiency superstar or an energy super-user.

Raise Your Energy IQ with Canadian Geographic

The Royal Canadian Geographical Society presents a witty and informative video about making and moving Canada’s energy

VIDEO: Making and Moving Canada’s Energy

Canadian Geographic presents a witty and informative video about how Canada’s energy is produced, transported and traded.

The roses you send Mom may have travelled 4,000+ kilometres

Roses are the perfect Mother’s Day gift, made possible by energy and our global transportation network

VIDEO: Dr. Laura Dawson on Canada-U.S. Trade Relations

Laura Dawson, director of the Canada Institute, answers questions on trade, Canada-U.S. relations, and global opportunities

The Asian Market Opportunity

Increasing energy demand in Asia is an opportunity for Canadian exports

Energy for Tomorrow: Canadian oil and gas now and for the future

Five reasons why Canada’s oil and natural gas resources are an essential part of the future energy mix for our nation and the world

A reality check on renewables

A TED Talk on renewable energy by University of Cambridge professor David MacKay.

Hans Rosling: The magic washing machine

This TED Talk highlights the importance of energy in our daily lives and around the world.

LNG Update: Are we there yet?

Q&A with CAPP’s Mark Pinney on the state of Canada’s LNG ambitions