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B.C. proposes new regulations for oil spill preparedness and response

B.C. government wants to study if and how heavy oil can be safely transported and cleaned up in the event of a spill.

Pipelines: Safe transport of oil and natural gas

Safety is a vital priority for pipeline companies and the numbers show it.

What Could Have Been: Missing out on $50 billion in investments

Can the Canadian economy afford to lose out on $50 billion in investments and associated jobs and economic growth? It happened in 2017.

LNG 101: What is LNG and why is it important to Canada?

LNG or liquefied natural gas represents a key export opportunity for Canada’s abundant natural gas resources.

Comment: LNG can (still) transform B.C.

BC Chamber CEO says with multiple projects still in the works, LNG remains a key opportunity—if we are willing to be competitive.

West Coast LNG: Economic Potential

The creation of a Canadian West Coast LNG industry would create jobs and government revenues for people in B.C. and across Canada.

VIDEO: Darrell Bricker and the Global Energy Pulse survey

Ipsos Public Affairs CEO discusses international survey that found Canada the world’s preferred country to import oil and natural gas from.

The China Opportunity

Growing energy demand in China is a market opportunity for Canadian oil and natural gas.

The world wants more Canadian oil and natural gas

According to the Global Energy Pulse Survey, Canada is the country more people would prefer to import their oil and natural gas from.

Made In Canada: A better oil and natural gas for tomorrow

The world sees Canada as an innovative, sustainable producer of oil and natural gas and wants more. What are we going to do about it?