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A growing world needs Canadian oil and natural gas

New analysis shows increasing global energy demand means more Canadian oil and natural gas needed even in a lower-carbon environment.

Building Trans Mountain: What you need to know

Have questions about the Trans Mountain Expansion Project? Read on for answers.

Oil and Gas: Creating 6.6 million person-years of employment

CERI study shows Canada’s oil and natural gas industry makes a major contribution to economic growth and employment in Canada and the U.S.

Canada’s oil and natural gas competitiveness challenge

Rising costs and increasing competition from the U.S. and around the world has energy experts calling for a Team Canada response.

Growth in U.S. production of natural gas

Growing production of shale gas south of the border means the U.S. is a competitor for Canada

Energy transition and Canada’s oil and natural gas industry

Energy economist and historian Peter Tertzakian discusses energy transitions and the role of an evolving Canadian oil and natural gas industry.

B.C.’s oil and gas industry drives growth

Based on resources, location and expertise, British Columbia has an opportunity to be a global energy leader

Energy free trade and NAFTA: A good deal for all

Joint paper highlights how free trade has made energy in North America more affordable and reliable for citizens and the economy.

VIDEO: Tim McMillan on the Pacific NorthWest LNG Decision

CAPP president and CEO discusses what the decision means for Canada and our LNG future

World-Class Marine Shipping: The Canada way

Canada is a world leader in safe shipping using oil tankers. Here’s why.